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Emergency Preparedness and Response

Learn how FDA prepares for and responds to emergencies and how FDA plays a role in protecting the United States from terrorism and emerging threats.

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Photos representing MCMi activities including research, professional development, and legal/policy

Medical Countermeasures Initiative (MCMi)

MCMi is an FDA-wide initiative to coordinate medical countermeasure (MCM) development, preparedness, and response.

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Crisis Management

FDA's role in coordinating emergency and crisis response activities involving regulated products.

Collage of crisis management activities including safety inspectors, scientists in labs, and communication staff

Training: ICS-100.FDA

A free online course on using Incident Command System (ICS) principles in incidents involving FDA-regulated products.

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Report an Emergency

If you are currently experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.

Report a Non-Emergency

Information for consumers, health professionals, and members of industry seeking to voluntarily report a defect, complaint, problem, or adverse event involving a FDA regulated product.